Staging Your Home for Sale

83% of homes purchased are in either good or excellent condition*

When you're ready to sell, the conditions of your home may make or break your chances. While you may hope buyers overlook the imperfections in your home that you've grown to love, the numbers say they're more likely to buy a home that needs a bit less TLC.

Here are 4 common “dos and don'ts” for staging your home for sale:

DO keep your home clean and clutter free.
You want people to focus on your house, not your things.

DO keep things consistent.
You want your home's story to be that it looked well put together and comfortable, not that it has one or two spaces that left a bad impression.

DON'T create distracting themes or decor.
Focus on the structure and flow of your home, not your things. Think neutral, neutral, neutral.

DON'T use beat up or ugly furnishings.
Great staging, either DIY or by a professional, includes choosing furniture that shows the room in its best light. And you don't need to buy new to upgrade—a few hundred dollars on Craigslist can be money well spent.

Georgeé & Company's team are experienced experts on selling architecturally unique homes that epitomize the South Florida lifestyle. We are happy to share many more cost-effective staging "dos and don'ts" with you.

Contact us today for a fresh perspective on your home and to learn which updates will make your property the most marketable.

* Source: KW Research
Text adapted from Keller Williams | Good Decisions are Based on Good Information